Pinterest iconPinterest, one of everyone’s favorite websites. (The kind that you can get lost on. Make sure not to lose track of time!)

It’s a great platform to use as a reader to find new books and authors and to pin your favorite quotes. It is also a great site to use as an author, whether to promote your own work or to follow your favorite author. There are some amazing boards that are chock full of tips and inspiration, and plenty of other stuff. Here are a couple:

  1. Getting Help With Your Writing
  2. Writerly Inspiration
  3. Book Promotion and Publicity
  4. Comics For Readers And Writers
  5. The Write Stuff
  6. The Writer’s Sandbox
  7. Writing and Books
  8. Tips for Drafting
  9. How To Write a Book
  10. Great Advice For Writers
  11. Writing
  12. Writer’s Toolbox