The False Prince (The Ascendance Trilogy #1)The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the kind of book that really draws you in. the writing is visual and the action keeps moving. Sage’s attitude and snarky voice, combined with a plot full of treason and intrigue, keeps you wanted more.
I also liked how Tobias and Roden, who seemed like they would be more simple, flat characters, changed back and forth (and back and forth again) between being Sage’s friends to being his enemies.
I wanted to like Imogene, but I didn’t really feel a lot of personality there. And I was so confused why Sage had to keep apologizing to her all the time.
Next to Sage, I think Mott was my favorite character. Every fantasy book should have a guy like that.
The pacing of the story was just right, until we get to the very end, and then everything felt off. I don’t know if it was rushed, or drawn out, or just didn’t tie up well. That’s probably because the author is setting things up for the sequel, but I really wanted to feel a better sense of closure for this book.
This book reminded me of The Thief – similar protagonist and plot. But I did like that one more, mainly because I was actually surprised at the plot twists. Here, there was too much of a build-up to be properly surprised.
But, when we’re not comparing, this book is awesome. It’s definitely good enough to read again.

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