laptopThe world of self publishing is a perilous place. There’s a lot to learn – the writing process, the publishing process, the marketing process, the how-to-land-a-Book-Bub process, and a lot more. Luckily there are people who have done it before us and are more than willing to help out by sharing their knowledge. Here are four websites that I have found helped me a lot (and continue to help me) on my self publishing journey:

  1. The Creative Penn – this is the website and blog of Joanna Penn, who is a successful self published author. There is a wealth of information and recourses on her site.
  2. The Book Designer – this site is run by Joel Friedlander, with contributions from other writers. Besides for having a ton of info and podcasts and guides, Joel also runs a monthly cover contest, which is enlightening and just plain cool.
  3. Creativindie – this is Derek Murphy’s site. He has a lot of cool and innovative ideas about how to get your books into the hands of your readers.
  4. Kboards – Kboards is a forum. No, scratch that. It is the Best Forum Ever. If you have a question about self publishing, chances are, someone already asked it. On the slight chance they didn’t, you can ask, and plenty of great writers will chime in and try to help out. Besides for helping out with a ton of information, the writers on kboards provide good moral support.

*And one honorable mention of a blog that I found to be more interesting that helpful in a practical sense is the Book Bub Partners Blog.