Reading Past Bedtime

Kids come up with all sorts of excuses to stay up later than bedtime (usually sudden needs for water or the bathroom). If you leave a couple of books near their bed and tell them they can stay up for another fifteen minutes and read, they may grab the opportunity to prolong the inevitable, dreaded bedtime and take a look at a book.

Tip: Don’t tell a bookworm they can stay up reading. They will never go to sleep.

Comics and Graphic Novels

Some kids look at page full of text and find it daunting. To ease them into things, try giving them some comic book or graphic novel.

Some great middle grade graphic novels:

There has also been a trend since the success of Diary of a Wimpy Kid to have middle grade novels that are light on words and full of illustrations. Some great examples are:


Short Books

Some reluctant readers are put of by the length of some books. Start them with shorter novels that don’t look so intimidating. The four books listed above are all pretty quick reads.

Here are some great middle grade novels that are under 250 pages:

The Tail of Emily Windsnap Upside-Down Magic

Funny Books

One of the major complaints of many reluctant readers is that the book is boring. The obvious solution: give them books that are so funny, they’ll fall off the couch.

You can find some funny books for middle graders here.

Read Aloud Together

Many people read to small children, but that doesn’t have to stop. A tween might also enjoy listening to someone read to him or her.

Here you can find a list of recommended books to read with your child.


People process information differently. Some are visual learners, some audio, some kinesthetic. If your child is an auditory learner, they may enjoy a story more if they hear somebody reading it to them.

Here is a list of great audiobooks.

Get Books on Varied Subjects

Kids who have varied hobbies and interests can get hooked on reading if they discover a book all about the topic they love.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Animal Novels

Sports Novels

Science Novels

Historical Novels

Robot Novels

Minecraft Novels

Fairy Tale Novels