Books with humor, heart and a dash of the improbable.
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Melody J. Bremen has been writing since she was young and just never stopped. She writes for middle-grade and young adult readers. She loves to write fantasy, mostly because you don’t have to do any research those are the stories she finds in her mind. She also enjoys writing contemporary novels with imperfect protagonists – ordinary people who do big things.

Melody lives on a distant planet where all they do is write and read books. (Sometimes they eat jelly beans.)

Oh, you want the truth. She lives in New Jersey, where people do normal people things. She has a faithful computer named Oswald. Other than that, she does not have any pets. She used to have a neurotic hamster named Puff, but she died. (As in, the hamster died.)




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 More stuff about Melody:

  1. Her favorite book is… Hmm… Tough decision. Maybe the Peanuts comics by Charles Schultz. Or The Lord of the Rings. Not sure.
  2. Her favorite hobby is writing. Duh.
  3. Her typing speed is 69wpm.
  4. Other hobbies include drawing characters from her novels. And reading.
  5. She has never read Twilight.
  6. Superpower: Able to go through life without coffee.
  7. Dark, secret backstory: None
  8. She has an imaginary friend named Sprinkles.
  9. She just made that up right now.