Music BoxesMusic Boxes by Tonja Drecker
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Music Boxes is like a modern day fairy tale. But not a sweet, sugar coated fairy tale. This story brings you into a world that is equal parts sinister and enchanting, with the perfect amount of darkness for the middle grade audience. The tension starts immediately and doesn’t let up until the end. I enjoyed watching how Lindsey was sucked into the mystery (even thought I kept yelling at her in my head, “No, don’t do that!”) and her plucky resolve at the end of the story.
Music Boxes follows twelve-year-old Lindsey who has just moved from Nebraska to New York. She is not super excited about the move. She’s a ballet dancer, but her parents’ main focus is on her younger sister’s prodigious violin talent.
Shortly after the move, she passes a dance studio right near her house that seems more expensive and elite than the class she’s signed up for at the community center. It is run by a woman named Madame Destinée, who invites Lindsey inside to look around. She proceeds to tell Lindsey that she is very talented and should definitely take classes in her studio.
The next day when she attends the ballet class at the community center, she finds it a tremendous disappointment since the caliber is nowhere near what Lindsey would like. She begins to sneak out to Madame Destinée’s studio regularly for lessons. As time goes on, she notices strange things happening at the studio. An odd dog, doors appearing from nowhere, and music boxes that are not as sweet and innocent as they first appear…

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