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How to Make A Book Trailer Without Spending too Much

Monday July 31, 2017

roll of filmSome people hire a professional videographer and pay actors to make a really cool, movie-style book trailer.

I’d rather save the money so I can buy a house.

There really isn’t a need to shell out so much money. You can make an awesome trailer while spending very little. It’s just going to take a lot of creativity and some recourses.

      1. Plan It Out

        If you’re going to have narration or text appear on the screen, write the script. It should be similar to the blurb of your book. You may want to sketch some simple storyboards and decide which imagery you want to go with the text. Decide if you’ll be using still photos or videos. Photos are easier to find, but videos will make your trailer more interesting. I wouldn’t recommend mixing the two, as that might come off as unprofessional. Read More>>

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12 Writing Boards to Follow on Pinterest

Monday February 06, 2017

Pinterest iconPinterest, one of everyone’s favorite websites. (The kind that you can get lost on. Make sure not to lose track of time!)

It’s a great platform to use as a reader to find new books and authors and to pin your favorite quotes. It is also a great site to use as an author, whether to promote your own work or to follow your favorite author. There are some amazing boards that are chock full of tips and inspiration, and plenty of other stuff. Read More>>

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4 Amazing Websites to Help You Learn About Self Publishing

Monday December 12, 2016


laptopThe world of self publishing is a perilous place. There’s a lot to learn – the writing process, the publishing process, the marketing process, the how-to-land-a-Book-Bub process, and a lot more. Luckily there are people who have done it before us and are more than willing to help out by sharing their knowledge. Here are four websites that I have found helped me a lot (and continue to help me) on my self publishing journey: Read More>>

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How To Sell Two Million Books With Rachel Abbott

Monday September 19, 2016

I just thought I would share this interesting video interview with Rachel Abbott, who is a bestselling author and discusses some of her marketing strategies and some other behind the scenes stuff about indie authors.

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Places to Get Your Book Cover Critiqued

Monday January 04, 2016

blank book coverIt is highly recommended to have your book cover designed by a professional, but not every author can afford it. You may end up doing it yourself or asking your cousin’s niece’s dog to do it because she is just so amazing in Photoshop. If that’s the case, you may want to get an opinion from an impartial source to find out if your cover really has what it takes to stand out and sell your book. Here are some websites where you can find out if your cover is any good. Read More>>

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Premade Book Covers

Monday December 28, 2015

kindlePremade books covers are great for self-published authors because they are so much more affordable than custom covers. There are many people who sell premade covers out on the big web and, unfortunately, so many of them are… unprofessional, to say the least. Never choose a premade cover unless you run it by an objective, honest person who will tell you if this cover matches the awesomeness of your book.

Here are some sites that I think offer professional designs that will hold their own in this competitive business: Read More>>

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