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Room 42: Deleted Scenes

Monday May 02, 2016

Here are two scenes that didn’t make it to the final cut of Room 42. I liked them, but they didn’t help move the story forward. I couldn’t bear to delete them from my computer, though. So here they are:


Music Class and April Fools Day

Miss White’s music class had taken a turn ever since Tom came to school. During Animal Appreciation Month, we sang “Old McDonald had a Farm” over and over. We added animals with each repetition and, by the end of the month, we had the entire zoo on McDonald’s farm.

When World Appreciation Month came along, Tom gave Miss White the opportunity to teach something. Actually teach something. To us.

She couldn’t discipline, but she knew music. She went along with our theme and showed us how music from different parts of the world sounds different. She brought in cool instruments with names we couldn’t pronounce. She even let us try to play them, until Jacody Day broke one. Read More>>

Room 42: Sneak Peek

Monday April 11, 2016

I am very close to publishing my third book. It’s just as exciting as the first time around. I love my characters. They are awesome and idiosyncratic.

Below I have provided a sneak peek to Room 42:

Lunch that day was tuna sandwiches. The bread was okay, but the tuna was tasteless and watery. I took a sandwich from the counter and sat down near Luke. I didn’t see Jed around. He’d probably finished and gone outside to play basketball.

“Guess what?” Luke said.

“What?” I opened my sandwich and scraped the tuna out with a plastic fork.

“Miss Hentuckle was about to give us a test and then a pipe in the wall exploded. I had to save the whole class, and after I did, Miss Hentuckle said I don’t have to take any more tests ever again.”

“Yeah?” I liked hanging around with Luke, even though he was little. He was one of the only cheerful people around and he had a great collection of comic books. He did have one problem. It was called telling the truth. Read More>>

A Sneak Peak at My New Middle Grade Novel: Car Guts

Sunday May 10, 2015

I’m self-publishing my second book this week. Yay!

This book is entitled Car Guts.

That’s a weird name. Why would you name a book like that?

You’ll just have to read it and find out.

I wrote the first draft to this book about three or four years ago and now, after many drafts and rewrites, here we are!

Car Guts Book Cover


Here’s a small excerpt:

A signpost with sun-faded letters swept past us. Welcome to Sandpoint, Texas. There was no shortage of sand, but there didn’t seem to be much of a point. Read More>>

The Epilogue that Didn’t Make It

Monday October 06, 2014

Super-Farm-Boy Book CoverI originally ended my novel, Super Farm Boy, with an epilogue. My editor (one of them), who goes by the code name of MOM, nixed the idea. ‘It doesn’t make sense,’ she said.

I didn’t know that any part of the book made sense.

I took it out, but I couldn’t bear to throw it away. Here it is. Maybe someday it will turn into an idea for a new book… Corny and the Aliens. Hmmm…


Epilogue: Corny and the Martians

Up above earth, high enough to be dark as night, four aliens in a UFO circled Earth. They were searching for the best place to land to start their invasion. They needed a quiet place, where no one would see them, because it’s no good to start an invasion where someone can see you. Read More>>