10 Fun Website Designs of Authors of Children's Books

Here are some websites of middle grade or children’s books authors that I’ve come across and found fun and cute. Besides for accomplishing the basics – about the author and their books – they create a mood that makes them memorable.

  1. Nora Raleigh Baskin – pretty and classy and engaging
    Nora Baskin website
  2. Robin Adolphs – super cute and friendly-looking
    Adolphs website
  3. Tristan Bancks – besides for the design having an upbeat and cheery disposition (can a website have a disposition?, the videos are awesome. Watch some of them, they’ll make you laugh.
    Bancks website
  4. Ingrid Law – sparkly!
    Ingrid Law website
  5. Frances Hardinge – not very modern, but definitely quirky and different, which you’ll know is appropriate if you’ve read any of her books
    Hardinge website
  6. Stephan Pastis – no comment necessary
    Pastis website
  7. Lincoln Pierce – I love this one. I think it might be my favorite
    Pierce website
  8. Nikki Loftin – colorful and cheerful
    Loftin website
  9. Jonathon Stroud – dark and eerie, just like his books
    Stroud website
  10. Brooks Benjamin – bright and kid-friendly (and am I the only one who thinks the author’s name sounds like it’s backwards?)
    Brooks Benjamin website