Online Generators for Writers

For an author, ideas are the start of everything. You can have the skills to create characters, weave plots and build beautiful paragraphs, but if you don’t have an initial concept, there’s no book. Sometimes, coming up with ideas comes easy. You get a flash of inspiration, a spark, and boom — you have the makings of a book. However, sometimes it’s not so simple. Sometimes, the ideas just aren’t flowing and you need a way to stimulate your imagination.

For example, I looked medium length elven names and came up with Viusthasrian and Gilkiththres. Now we know how authors come up with unpronounceable names. 😉

Here are some online generators that you can use to jump-start the creative process:

Plot Generators:

Plot Generator

Big Huge Labs



Character Generators:

Character Generator

Writing Excercises


Name Generators:

Fantasy Name Generators

Fantasy Name Gen

Setting Generators:

Writing Excercises

Seventh Sanctum

Book Title Generators:


Portent (Non Fiction)