blank book coverIt is highly recommended to have your book cover designed by a professional, but not every author can afford it. You may end up doing it yourself or asking your cousin’s niece’s dog to do it because she is just so amazing in Photoshop. If that’s the case, you may want to get an opinion from an impartial source to find out if your cover really has what it takes to stand out and sell your book. Here are some websites where you can find out if your cover is any good.

  1. – Post your cover here and you’ll get several comments on how to improve. They can’t make your cover amazing for you, but they can help give you ideas how to work with what you have. I think every self-published who designs their own covers should run their cover by these guys.
  2. – Post your cover here and get votes from random internet users. If you don’t get a lot of positive votes, you may want to do some work on your cover.
    *Update: the guy who set up this site started a Facebook Group where he will give feedback on your cover.
  3. – Similar idea to the link above
  4. – Enter your book cover into this cover contest after your book is published and see if you can win. You may get a comment on your design, compliment or critique.
  5. – This works if you have two cover choices and can’t decide between the two. People will vote and you get to see what the public thinks about your designs. (You can use this same tool to help you choose a book title.)
  6. – This site is similar to pickfu, only you can upload up to four choices.
  7. – Also similar to pickfu. This site is pretty new.

When you get feedback on your cover, don’t get huffy. Consider the different points that people make, even if you don’t listen to everything. Bear in mind that these are the people who are potential buyers of your book.